Right now the Jubilee Fund is just a dream!

LOTS and LOTS of money must be raised in order to make it reality

The Average student loan balance for a master's level person in a helping profession is about $50,000

That is about equal to a starting salary  in most helping professions

  1. The Jubilee Fund exists to help those in helping professions with high educational expectations and limited earning potential find a way out of debt, and into lives of generosity. The proposal is simple, and has three steps:
  2. 1) The Candidate completes a Personal Financial Management Course at a Jubilee Fund Congregation.
  3. 2) If the Candidate and the Mentor decide the burden is too high, the Congregation applies for a program grant from The Jubilee Fund. The grant will allow the Congregation to consolidate the debt and arrange a no-interest loan program for the Candidate
  4. 3) The Candidate pays off the loan while practicing a good stewardship, saving, and spending plan with the help of a mentor/coach

Make a special tax-deductible gift to the jubilee fund

Encourage your congregation to consider becoming a Jubilee fund congregation

Buy compliment cards and use them - this broadens the support of the fund

Can a region be a Jubilee fund "congregation"?

It CAN! We ask that Regions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) support The Jubilee Fund at a rate of $5,000 per year in order to receive the benefits for a "congregation."

What benefits does a Jubilee fund congregation receive?

1) The right to make application for a Program Grant in partnership with a Candidate in need of a financial lifeline.

2) Voice and Vote at the annual meeting of The Jubilee Fund, which selects Program Grant recipients, and elects the Board of Directors

3) The goodwill of becoming known as a place where people come to get financially well.

 What commitments does a Jubilee fund                congregation make?

1) Support The Jubilee Fund with outreach gifts of $1000 or more per year

2) Teach a Personal Financial Management Course at least once per year.

Can any church be a Jubilee fund congregation?

Not at this time. The Jubilee Fund is currently incorporated and chartered as an Auxiliary Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).