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Welcome to Compliment Cards 

Where Lasting Kindness Lives

It started as a crazy idea.

How could I give someone a lasting quick impression?

You look fabulous today . . . 

You are so helpful . . . 

You made my day . . . 

It was one thing to SAY it, which is great! It was another to let the person know the compliment, AND allow them to put it on their mirror, in their pocket, wherever and go back to the reminder over and over again.

About five years ago I was at a Christmas Party and a friend looked absolutely stunningly beautiful.  I remember saying "It would be a shame if nobody told you today how stunningly beautiful you look tonight."

Her reaction stuck with me. She went from already beautiful to absolutely glowing!  Remember, I'm a married man saying this to a married woman and friend. There were no undertones or implications and she knew it. So did I.

Yet I found myself wondering . . . how could I tell a stranger that same type of thing without alarms going off.  It's not something you write on the back of your business card . . . assumptions will be made.

Thus the idea of the Compliment Card was born.

I use them everywhere: Airports, Hair Salons, Restaurants.  When I see someone that needs a compliment (or deserves one) I whip out a card. It takes me about 30 seconds to write out the rest of the note. Then I hand it to the other person and walk away.  I NEVER wait for a reaction. That's not the point. The idea is a lasting, tangible compliment.

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