a ministry in Partnership with 
The Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
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The Jubilee Fund exists to help Congregations affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to become:
  • Teachers of Good Stewardship and Personal Finance
  • Missional Churches - helping others take control of their financial lives
  • Healthier Churches - Good stewards are better givers
  • Helping Churches - Through our partner program Congregations have a chance to radically impact lives through a transformative debt relief ministry
Two Expressions of One Partnership Ministry to Eliminate Debt

The National Partnership Ministry:

Meets annually to:
  • Select Board Members
  • Allocate Financial Resources
  • Select Program Grant Recipients
Each February there is a general meeting of the Jubilee Fund Congregational Representatives to conduct the official business as outlined above.  Each Jubilee Congregation has one delegate for each $1,000 of program fund contributions.  The delegates make the final decision on program grants, the annual budget, and board members for the following year. 

Program Grant Ministry:

 Program Grants are a means by which a member congregation can assist an individual or household to recover from near bankruptcy or financial crisis through a no interest loan program to pay off the household consumer debt. The Jubilee Fund does not loan money, but is grant making institution offering grants to member congregations.  The congregation, in turn, with the help and support of the Jubilee Fund, makes a loan with a comprehensive financial plan which is paid back at zero percent interest over a reasonable term. 

The Local Church Program Ministry:

Local Churches become Jubilee Fund Congregations by committing to the following ministries:

  • Offering a Personal Financial Management Course at least once per year.
  • Contributing at least $1,000 a year to the National Partnership "Jubilee Fund"
  • Committing to becoming (or continuing to be) a "tithing" church - giving at least 10% of offerings received to outreach causes.

Benefits of Becoming a
"Jubilee Fund Congregation"
  • Right to sponsor a candidate and receive Program Grant Funds
  • Unlimited Access to The Jubilee Fund Liturgical Resources and searchable resource page (Coming soon)
  • Right to send delegate(s) to National Annual Meeting

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